Waterfowl U.S.A. Chapters

Start Your Own Local Chapter

Many Waterfowl U.S.A. members want to do something for their area, but don’t know exactly how to go about it. Here are a few tips that will make it easier.

    1. Contact six to ten of your friends who have an interest in the conservation of waterfowl and ask if they’d be interested in doing something for the waterfowl and the waterfowl habitat in your area.
    2. Meet with them at their convenience and determine a date and location to host a fund-raising banquet or some other type of fund-raising event. It is extremely important to make a commitment at this meeting!!
    3. Set a banquet date at least 90 days in advance.
    4. Elect a temporary chairman to preside at the next meeting and to lead the election of officers. Set your next meeting one week later.
    5. The next day contact your local newspaper and ask them to write about the group organizing a chapter and that another meeting will be held the following week; then call all of your friends and ask them to come to the meeting. Try to get at least two of the most influential men in your area involved. Also, get everyone involved who attended the first meeting to bring some of their friends to the second meeting. This will ensure an excellent crowd for the meeting.
    6. At the next meeting elect officers: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and appoint a Publicity Chairman, Prize Chairman, and Ticket Chairman. Ask everyone to return to the next meeting in one week with ideas and contacts for prizes to auction at the banquet. NOTE: Try to use as many donated prizes as possible to eliminate expenses. National Headquarters will provide you with numerous art prints.
    7. After the officers have been elected, decide on a project or projects and set goals for the amount of money you will need to raise. You will find that your committee works together much better when they are all working toward an established goal.
    8. Sign up every member on the committee as Sponsors if possible, by pointing out the incentives a Sponsor Member gets, and to build your start-up money. At least get all committee members to buy their banquet tickets in advance.
    9. You only need to sell 100 tickets to have a very successful banquet. Some chapters have had very good success with only 60 tickets sold.
    10. National Headquarters has a step-by-step manual on getting organized and holding a successful event. Sixty percent of the net funds you raise will be used for wetlands and waterfowl projects in your area.
Q: Who will control the funds raised?

A: A finance committee made up of members from your chapter will control the funds. They will delegate funds for projects from the money raised through events held by your chapter.

Q: How will projects be selected?

A: The chapter will make their own decisions unless they request assistance from National Headquarters.

Address: PO BOX 500, Oak Forest, IL, 60452
Phone: +1 (803) 637-5767
Email: nwfusa@yahoo.com

National Waterfowl U.S.A. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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